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    Make me choose asked : dao Cullen, da2 Cullen, or dai Cullen

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  2. beauty-mac:

    AMAZING DYI Color Pencil Art

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    i hope you meant style

  3. kingsgrave:

    concept art via

    *Holds breath*

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    reunited at last

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  4. orisoni:

    I’m really liking this flat coloring thing I’ve been doing

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  6. grotesqueerie:


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  7. meanwhilebackinthedungeon:

    — Marc Simonetti

    Warhost of Vastmark

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    Darling, where are you?
    So many ways to hide yourself from me, darling.
    I know you’re lonely like I am. Don’t you want love? A family?
    / Cosplayer / Photographer /

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  9. 4~000 постов!

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